North Shore Music Together

Newborn - 5 years. Caregiver participation required. 

​Do you know the difference between Staccato and Legato? Come find out! Music Together art & logo design © 1992-2015 Music Together LLC. Music Together is a registered trademark. North Shore Music Together is licensed by Music Together LLC. For more locations: - (800) 728-2692

Sing, dance, play and learn! Music Together is the world's most loved music & movement class for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and the grown ups who love them. Curriculum is research-based and fun for the whole family.  

All children are born musical and ready to learn. North Shore Music Together classes use the Music Together® award winning curriculum & music to teach Rhythm Competence and Tonal Competence to children, through fun and playful activities. Join an amazing international community of musical families, to sing and dance with to songs from around the world, play drums, sticks, shakers, bells and more! We explore 25 new songs each semester to use in class and to take home for your family music collection. Music Together empowers families with the confidence and tools to make music a joyful part of your everyday life. Come join the fun!