Heidi McCurdy - Center Director & Teacher

Heidi is thrilled to be the Director of NSMT and our fabulous team! Heidi believes that music is a beautiful gift we are all born with, and she loves to share and nurture this gift with others. She has been teaching and directing Music Together classes throughout the Lower Mainland for 15 years, partnering with many cities and organizations, including the Sarah McLachlan School of Music (from 2013 to 2016). Heidi is an award-winning singer and songwriter, excited to be working on recording a new album of original music. Passionate about the arts and their role in wellness and learning, Heidi is a certified Expressive Arts Therapist, and has a Master's in Arts Education. Heidi brings a genuine love of singing, musical wisdom, and much joy (and silliness!) to her classes. She supports our teaching team in delivering this amazing program with her big heart and years of expertise. For more information about Heidi's music and workshops for grownups, visit www.heidimccurdy.com.

Arielle Moscovitch - Teacher (on leave)

Arielle has been excited to be a part of the Music Together community for over 8 years, when she was working in childcare and first took a child to a class. She has been coming to classes with her own son for the past few years as well. Arielle has spent her life engaged with music, and supporting positive and healthy community. As well as being a mother, she is a trained family counsellor, group facilitator, youth worker, circus performer, and Childcare Supervisor in a non-profit organization. Arielle's truest passion has always been singing! Her life is filled with fun creative things like choir, flute, guitar, drumming, musical theatre, poetry and writing her own playful and loving music for children and adults. Arielle just finished her Music Together training this Spring and can't wait to move and sing together this fall. Families will love her inspiring, playful nature and genuinely joyful energy.

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Sabrielle McCurdy-Foreman - Teacher & Co-Director

Sabrielle was born with the love of music, singing and dancing since before she could walk and talk. She is passionate about music education and performance, and brings her fun playful spirit into her classes. She is a professional performer, with a background in jazz, gospel, musical theatre, and children's entertainment. When she's not teaching or working with Music Together, you can catch her in theatre shows around town, singing with Vancouver's Universal Gospel Choir, or with her vocal trio Dia. Sabrielle studied both Musical Theatre and Arts Administration at Capilano University and loves to bridge creative inspiration with organizational savvy!

All our teachers have successfully completed the intensive Music Together® Teacher Training developed by the Center for Music and Young Children, Princeton, New Jersey. We are all experienced and passionate musicians of diverse backgrounds: professional singers and instrumentalists, musical theatre performers, school teachers, special education experts, music and creative arts therapists, children and youth facilitators, and of course, music teachers and song leaders. On top of it all, some of us are also mothers who bring a special awareness to the class. Yes, Music Together® is the best quality early childhood music program. Add our amazing teachers and you'll see why families love North Shore Music Together!

Adam Van Loo - Teacher & Assistant Director

Adam believes in the power of music to bring joyful connection and healthy self-expression into our lives. He is a passionate multi-instrumentalist, with a diploma in music performance and a degree in Music Therapy from Capilano University. He plays guitar and sings, has won numerous awards playing jazz clarinet, and enjoys performing and musical directing both jazz and musical theatre productions throughout the Lower Mainland. Adam is delighted to be on our teaching and management team at North Shore Music Together, along with his wife Sabrielle and his mother in-law, Heidi. Families love his big heart and welcoming personality. His playful enthusiasm for music are contagious, and families have a great time singing and dancing together in his classes.​

​Jessica Zay - Teacher

Jessica first fell in love with the Music Together as a mom taking her own son weekly to classes. With her warm, friendly smile and playful silliness, she inspires children and grownups to jump in and have tons of fun singing and dancing in creative ways. Becoming a Music Together teacher was a natural step for Jessica because she is passionate about children, music, and movement.  Jessica was previously a substitute teacher in preschool and primary classes in Colorado.  She also has a background in dance, theatre and performance. Along with teaching Music Together, Jessica teaches adult movement classes called Feldenkrais.  

In her Music Together classes, Jessica encourages children (and adults) to make music together in their own unique way. Families are welcomed with a warm smile, kind eyes, and of course... the Hello Song!

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Amber Handley  - Teacher (on leave)

Amber is delighted to be a part of the North Shore Music Together team.
Growing up, she accomplished her grade 10 in voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music and starred in many musicals at Kingston's Grand Theatre which lead her to pursue her bachelors of Musical Theatre Performance degree from Oakville Ontario's Sheridan College, but don't worry she'll try to keep her jazz hands to a minimum.
After graduating Amber was thrilled with the fortunate opportunity to travel the world as a lead vocalist on Holland America and Celebrity Cruise Lines. As a result Amber gets seasick every time she hears a Jimmy Buffet song.
Following cruise ship life, Amber completed the Community Choir Leadership Program from Victoria and laid roots on the self proclaimed "tree hugger" island of Gabriola. There she had a truly wonderful time teaching private voice lessons, starting a children's choir and also an adult choir called B Natural Singers. Currently Amber enjoys performing as a lead singer or background vocalist in rock and blues bands, in acoustic duos and solo gigs, with artists such as Canada's own David Gogo. 
The Music Together curriculum and Amber's  core music beliefs go hand in hand. She feels very grateful and enthusiastic for this opportunity to bring music into peoples lives.

North Shore Music Together

Rachel Prior-Tsang - Teacher (on leave)

We are delighted to have Rachel on our team. A singer and songwriter, a rhythm guitarist, and mother of two Music Together graduates, Rachel Prior is passionate about sparking the joy of creativity and music in people of all ages. She enriches her songwriting, music facilitation and performances with a background in English Literature, Creative Writing, Theatre, and Sound Design, coaching students in voice and creative expression. During her English teaching career, Rachel ran the Creative Writing club at King George, coached Theatre students in voice at Gladstone, sponsored Guitar club at Magee, led songwriting workshops for K and gr. 2 classes at Nootka in 2016, and coached voice and music for Lord Byng’s 2017 production of Curtains. She has sung in choirs all her life, performing and soloing most recently with the Universal Gospel Choir and has 5 years experience dancing Cuban salsa in the round. Her singing, songwriting and performing has blossomed as co-founder of the band Likewise in 2013, recording an EP and writing and recording a debut album for release in 2019 (stay tuned!). Rachel is delighted to be joining Heidi’s team at North Shore Music Together!

​Alexina Davis - Teacher (on leave)

Alexina is a Music Therapist.  Along with her Bachelor of Music/ Music Therapy, she has diplomas in contemporary voice and composition.  Alexina has been trained in voice, guitar, piano, and has now added ukulele and various percussion to her musical toolkit.
Alexina has experience working as an ABA therapist with young children and has completed music therapy practicums in geriatrics, children/adolescents with special needs and acute mental health and addictions.  
Music has always played a major role in Alexina’s life, both as a hobby and as an emotional release. She began writing music in her teens and continues to use songwriting as a means of expressing herself and connecting with others.  Music Together® is a natural fit for Alexina and she is keen to educate and make music with the families in the community.

Sheryl Hung - Teacher (on leave)

Sheryl is a skilled multi-instrumentalist who is passionate about early childhood music! Her fun, playful style and amazing dance abilities make it easy and joyful for families to jump in. She is a musician, dancer, and educator who teaches early childhood music, harp, piano, music theory, and ballet to students of all ages. As a certified ECEA, Sheryl combines her love for music with her passion for early childhood education. She holds a B.Mus. degree in Harp Performance from UBC, certification in Orff Schulwerk Level I, and is also a registered teacher for RCM®, MYC®, P-CMGP ® and is the Centre Director of Music Together Little House in Richmond.

As a harpist, Sheryl has played with the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra and the West Coast Symphony Orchestra. Sheryl explores the deep connection between music and movement and complements her music-making with her work as an active dancer and ballet teacher. She is a graduate of the Goh Ballet Academy and a certified DANCEPL3Y instructor.