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North Shore Music Together

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not very musical. What does parent participation mean? 
North Shore Music Together classes can help you develop your talent as well as you child's. This is a safe place for adults to explore their own music-making abilities, which fosters the relaxed, playful atmosphere that allows learning to flourish in all children. "Rather than simply allowing the parents to be present as observers," explains founder Ken Guilmartin, "we took it as part or our mission to provide them with as fulfilling an experience as we give their children.

What is the Music Together Foundation?
Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program. Originally offered to the public in 1987, it pioneered the concept of a research-based developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement. Music Together teachers receive training by the Center for Music and Young Children, of Princeton, NJ. The Music Together Program emphasizes actual music experiences rather than concepts about music and is designed to bring families together through music.

What is the benefit of mixed age classes?
Child development researchers recommend mixed-age groupings because they foster natural family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating the older ones and older children experience self-esteem boosts by leading the younger ones. This family environment contrasts with more rigid school-orientated learning, and allows siblings to participate together, as well as moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers. The whole family is welcome together or may rotate attending classes for a great musical experience.

Where are the classes located?
North Shore Music Together classes are held at 5 North Vancouver Music Together Locations. 

1) Edgemont Village - Highlands United Church, 3255 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver, BC, V7R 2P1. Music Together Classes are held in the Fireside Room. The easiest entrance is from the back of the parking lot by Highlands Preschool. This route does not have any stairs and is best for strollers. 

2) John Braithwaite Community Centre (JBCC), 145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 3N8. Music Together Classes are held in the Anchor Room.
3) Seymour Dance - 808 Lytton St, North Vancouver, V7H 2T1​ This is conveniently across from Ron Andrews Community Centre. (This location is currently on hold.)
4) Delbrook Community Centre - 600 West Queen's Road, North Vancouver, V7N 2L3

5) Lynn Valley Village - RNB Dance Studio -155-1233 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver, V7J 0A1

I wish there was a class held at another time. How can I accomplish this?
If there is another day or time you wish there was a class email All requests will be considered when opening new classes. If you know other people interested in the same time slot, include that information. Classes need a minimum of 10 children to run.

On Professional Development Days can I bring an older sibling?
Short answer:  No.  The class is for registered children only.  Schools have increased the number of professional development days considerably!  Unfortunately, they are now too often. Teachers take time to know everyone in the class and having children they haven't bonded with or taught the routines can change the direction of that lesson.  It can be exhausting for a teacher and may affect the experience for the whole class.  

Longer answer:  Sometimes we do let older siblings come only if they have been pre-approved by the office.  ( This works best if the teacher already knows the child because s/he was previously a student with her. This also only is an option if the class is not full. The family is charged a scholarship donation of $10. Siblings are expected to part of the class, rather than sit on the side. 

At all times, we consider the dynamics of the class and look at make ups already booked.  We want to ensure the registered children are still getting the teacher's full attention.

What is the difference between Mother Goose and Music Together®? 
The Mother Goose program is NOT a music education program. Mother Goose is a community outreach program to teach young mothers how to bond with their babies through nursery rhymes and simple songs. North Vancouver Mother Goose is a valued service, yet it is not to be confused with music education. North Shore Music Together is a music education program. It is a research-based program that teaches children (1 month - 5 years) Basic Music Competence. The complete program is 4 years long with 9 different song collections. While the program is fun and lively, there is a curriculum that is followed. Parent education is included and families can track their child's musical growth.

I've done Music Together® before in another city. Does that mean I am a returning family at North Shore Music Together? 

Music Together® is offered in many cities around the world. The program is designed so that when families move to a new city they may continue their child's music education without skipping or repeating a semester in the 4 year program. The many centers however are not linked administratively. This means that when you join a different center you are a "new family" with a Music Together background.  

What are some example of other centres that are nearby that offer the Music Together® Program?
We are North Shore Music Together (also known as North Vancouver Music Together).  Nearby centres we recommend that offer Music Together® are: West Side Music Together, Twinkling Stars, Fraser Valley Music Together, Richmond Music Together, Squamish Music Together, Harmony Expressive Arts, Moving Mountains in Whistler, and Music Together Victoria. These directors and teachers collaborate at workshops to deliver a high quality program in our different locations. However, these are all separate independent centers with different pricing.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Where is the North Shore?
The North Shore area is over the Lions Gate Bridge and across the water from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. North Vancouver, BC and West Vancouver, BC are on this North Shore. There is also a Music Together® program on the North Shore in Grand Marais, MN, USA. That is not us.

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